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Distracted by Shiny Things

Making The Time To Stare Since 2006

AJ Rayne

This is Me This is My Work

I write. A lot. I use my LJ to try out storylines as well as get some much needed feedback and editing on what I put there. A little action, some angst, a lot of romance. When I get into writing kicks, I update almost everyday.

No problem at all if you want to friend me, but be warned that though I tend to keep my language and topics around the PG-13 rating, on occasion, I do slip. Please comment when you have a chance though so I can get a look at you.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender (Katara/Zuko, Sokka/Toph)
Somewhere in Between
My massive Katara/Zuko, Toph/Sokka future!fic project. It's long. Consider yourself warned.
Katara/Zuko one-shots for the 7 chakras challenge
Good old-fashioned mush. Future!fic again, but not as far into the future as SiB.
Tokka 100 Challenge
Whenever I need to get into a Tokka mood, I tackle one of these babies.

Ouran High School Host Club
(Tamaki/Haruhi, Tamaki-Kyoya Friendship)
You'll find a number of one-shots and drabbles centered on Kyoya. Below are a few that I've managed to organize in a logical fashion.

One Big Happy
A series of one-shots about the Otori Family.
Cupid Is A...
The story of Tamaki and Haruhi's courtship told from three different persectives; theirs and Kyoya's.

Fullmetal Alchemist (Roy/Riza)
As of now, my Royai collection consists of short one-shots that fall between the anime and the movie. Angst galore!

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